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Shingle Roofs

Time For A New Roof

Is It Time for A New Roof?

Investing in a new roof is a tough decision, especially when it’s time to re-shingle instead of just patch up small repairs. Aside from storm damage or fire damage there are signs that you may need a roof replacement. We have listed below some signs that you may need a new roof. 

  • Torn, warped or missing shingles

  • Shingles older than their predicted lifespan

  • Signs of moss or mildew persistently growing on the shingles

  • Leaks or mold in your attic, eaves or ceilings

  • Granular runoff into your gutters

  • Uneven or sagging roof

  • Blistering on asphalt shingles

  • Dark water runoff streaks from the roof ridge

Not sure what you need? We can inspect your roof for damage to help you make the best decision in regards to a repair or a replacement.

Types of Roof Shingles We Install

The four basic types of asphalt/composite shingles we install are:

  • Traditional Shingles

  • Architectural Shingles

  • Premium Shingles

  • Performance Shingles

Sorry, but we do not install shingles made of the following materials

  • Slate

  • Clay/Tile/Ceramic

  • Wood/Cedar

  • Concrete or Solar

Traditional Shingles

Traditional shingles are also called 3-tab shingles or strip shingles. They are the oldest type of asphalt shingle that is still available today, although they have seen many improvements over the years, including the addition of a fiberglass mat instead of a cellulose core. You can now buy 3-tab shingles that combine several shades. Some feel this is a more aesthetically pleasing look, plus it masks any variations you may see in a solid color.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles go by many names, including laminate shingles and dimensional shingles. Whatever you call them, the key difference between these shingles and traditional shingles is their construction. Dimensional shingles are composed of two layers. Both layers are composed of asphalt and fiberglass. This thick two-layer construction may give them an advantage in weather-resistance. Originally, shingle manufacturers intended these shingles to have enhanced aesthetics and visual thickness. The intermittent double-layer tabs, in conjunction with the intermittent shadow band on the single-layer areas, add dimension to the roof, which enhances the home’s look and style aesthetics and visual thickness. Today, dimensional shingles are one of the most popular shingles. 

Premium Shingles

Premium shingles are also called designer shingles. They share the two-layer composition of laminate shingles, but they have other features that create a premium look. Many premium shingles are made to mimic the look of other roofing materials, such as cedar shakes and slate tiles, without the high cost and other drawbacks of these more expensive roof materials.

Performance Shingles

Many roof shingles may qualify as performance shingles. These are simply shingles that have been designed to offer specific performance benefits, such as impact and hail resistance, wind resistance, fire resistance, algae resistance or solar reflectivity. These features may be available in other types of shingles as well. 

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